Bellevue Community Info

The following demographic information is provided to get a sense of the services offered in Bellevue and the surrounding area.


U.S. Census / Woods & Poole

Year     Community     County
2010           2,190          20,580

Municipal Services

Local government type:  Council, Mayor
City zoning ordinance:  Yes
County zoning ordinance:  Yes
Subdivision ordinance:  Yes
Full-time fire personnel:  0
Volunteer fire personnel:  40
Fire insurance class (in city):  6
Fire insurance class (outside city):  6
Full-time police officers:  5
Industrial waste pickup service:  Yes
Percent city streets paved:  100%

Recreational & Cultural Facilities
All facilities are local

Public golf courses: 1
Country clubs:  1
Public parks: 7
Public tennis courts:  1
Public swimming pools:  1
Bed & Breakfasts:  3
Campgrounds:  4
Access to lake or river:  Yes
Activities allowed:
   Swimming:  Yes
   Fishing:  Yes
   Water skiing:  Yes
   Motor boating:  Yes


Historic sites

Art Gallery

Historical Society

Arts Council

Additional Cultural Resources
(within a 30 minute drive)

Historic sites
Art Gallery
Historical Society
Art Council

Health Care Facilities
All facilities are within a 60 minute drive

Hospitals within 1 hour drive: 7
Minutes to nearest facility:  22
Minutes to trauma center:  22
Ambulance service available:  Yes
Volunteer ambulance personnel:  37
Average response time:  <5 minutes
Air ambulance available:  Yes
Average response time:  <25 minutes
Clinics in community:  1
   Specialties:  Chiropractic, Physical Therapy
   Massage Therapy, Rehab, Optical, Pharmacy  

Individual/Assisted Living/Care Center

Senior Citizens Facility

Community Center    

Nearby Cities, distance from Bellevue

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Maquoketa, 20 miles
Dubuque, 23 miles
Galena, 38 miles
Quad Cities, 70 miles
Cedar Rapids, 80 miles
Madison, 95 miles
Des Moines, 188 miles
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